Aphorisms for the modern subversive

  History isn’t over. Controversy isn’t extremism. Smugness is seductive. Incuriousness has been re-branded as moderation. Anti critical thought has been re-branded as modesty. Academia is driving modern political leftist movements: FACTS. Economic theology that is driving centrism: DOGMA. Extremism isn’t all the same noise you don’t like. Most of those who favor no change […]

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Cheese Sandwich

O.k. So right now reading the news is like looking at individually enlarged details of a Bosch painting: Today: A man with the head of a chaffinch swallowing a gooseberry the size of a watermelon while squatting on the flat side of a gigantic straight razor. The weather will be sunny with a chance of […]

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Yes they bloody well are…

Ludwig Von Mieses was literally a card carrying facist. He served Dolfuss the facist leader of Austria. He then founded the Chicago school which brought us modern Libertarian theory and the genocidal regimes of Augusto Pinochet and others fellow travellers. The Chicago school of economics under his aegis produced Freidrich Hayek and Milton Friedman whose […]

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Socia… fuk it

Is supporting healthcare access ideological? Is opposing homelessness ideological? The actual goals of ‘Socialism’ are, or should be, mostly uncontroversial and it should be uncontroversial to argue that these aims are hampered by our existing system of social organization. Both these things in fact are controversial but mostly only to the degree to which our […]

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